Z5 is a patented technological breakthrough that is set to completely improve life for millions of people all over the world.

By enhancing the operation of the traditional combustion engine, Z5 greatly improves vehicle fuel efficiency, saving precious - and increasingly expensive – fuel.

The ingenious product of a young inventor; Z5 will certainly be crowned as one of the most important inventions of this century.

The inventor discovered that certain metal alloys placed in the engine's air intake can cause a change for a fraction of a second in the acceleration of atoms in the air’s composition. As a result, an engine's internal combustion chambers can utilize fuel more efficiently - saving up to as much as 40% of the engine’s fuel consumption.

Suitable for both open and closed combustion chamber engines, Z5 is thus set to start a worldwide revolution for many applications in our lives:

A revolution in the efficient operation of giant turbines of electrical power stations.

A revolution in the functioning of domestic and industrial heating systems.

A revolution in the functioning of industrial machinery.

A revolution in the most widespread, fossil fuel using machines in the world – the car, bus, truck – or any of the millions of vehicles that use gasoline, diesel fuel or any other combustible material.

The gain of Z5 is threefold:

Z5 saves gas and therefore money.

Z5 improves the engine’s power output - significantly minimizing air pollution.

Z5 prevents the engine from 'blackening' - thus enabling it to operate at optimal efficiency.

The many drivers in Europe, Asia and America who participated in numerous field trials held prior to the official product launch all saw the advantages of Z5 first hand - in the performance of their own cars, buses, taxis, vans and trucks. They experienced for themselves just how much Z5 improved the quality of their vehicles' operation.

Now you too can join the Z5 Revolution.

Start saving money on your fuel costs today - despite the rising prices of gas!

Improve your engine's efficiency - enjoy greater engine power and know you're polluting the atmosphere significantly less!

Extend the life of your engine - which will help maintain the value of your car!

Join the Z5 revolution and become part of the movement to help protect our environment!